ACOUSTIC DRUMS - PDP CX Maple: 12x9 Tom (on snare stand), 14x12 Floor Tom and 22x18 Bass Drum

CYMBALS - Wuhan: 14" Traditional Hi-Hats, 16" Traditional Thin Crash, 20" Koi Dark Conical China, 12" Traditional Splash, 20" Traditional Medium Heavy Ride, 18" Linear Smash and 18" Koi Crash

PEDALS - PDP: PDDPCO Concept Double Pedal

HARDWARE - PDP 800 Series Stands, DW3000 Snare Stands (2), PDP PDAXTA95 Cowbell Holder and PDP PDAX909 Concept Series Cymbal Stacker

HEADS - Attack: Snares (Royal 1 Snare Batter, Snare Side Thin), Toms (Tone Ridge 2 Medium Clear on top, Pro Flex 1 Medium Black on bottom, Bass Drum (BombBeat 2 Clear on batter with Guardian Series Double Impact Pad on batter, PDP Black Resonant with Kozol Signature Logo)

THRONE - Pork Pie: Round Drum Throne

STICKS - Promark: FireGrain 5A and 7A

PERCUSSION - Meinl Percussion: Mike Johnston Groove Bell Signature Cowbell, Rhythm Tech Hat Trick G2 Hi Hat Tambourine Steel

MICS - Audix i5 Cardoid on an EZ Mounts Mic Holder (Snare only), Thomann DC1500 (2 Toms, 1 Bass, 2 Overhead) and Audio-Technica ST95 Mark II (Vocals)

INTERFACE - PreSonus: AudioBox 1818VSL

COMPUTERS - Apple: MacBook Pro with Logic Pro and iPad Pro 12.9"

SNARES - PDP and Ludwig

PDP 20th Anniversary Maple 14x6.5

PDP Eric Hernandez Signature Maple 14x4

PDP Concept Select 14x6.5 3mm Aluminum with Walnut Rims

Ludwig Black Beauty 14x6.5 1.2mm Brass Black Nickel Plated



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